Wednesday, September 11, 2013


In contemplative prayer ask the Holy Spirit to illumine and bring His Truth into your minds always before you confess your sins.

Unrepented sins are the cause of spiritual blindness, darkness covers the conscience.

Am I not the loving and patient Father who waits, watching for the one who has strayed.

Each day I prepare new scenarios that will bring you home, a turning around to love.

And with this change of life, a surrendering of all in your life, everything is to be entrusted to Me.

You do not realize your own short sightedness in regards to your neighbour, for you judge and criticize what you perceive in others as faults, but your eyes do not see clearly.

When you are cleansed, you are able to look at their inner beauty, and thus cannot remain indifferent.
Inspired by the Holy Spirit, you will be able to act with power and with love regarding your neighbour.

Give to Me your will and I who am love itself will transform even the most hardened of hearts.

Continually immerse yourself in prayer, it is there that I will meet you.

I know your heart, tell Me if your trust in Me is lacking, tell Me that you are confused and need direction, I hold dear all conversation that is without pretext or ambiguity.

Find the joy that is deep within, and do not ever despair, for joy lifts your Spirit in order that I may bless you.

One cannot with somber face win new souls for the Kingdom.

When you involve Me in your decision making, the possibilities are endless as are the roads I will set before you, but be assured that without Me, all roads do not lead to your desired destination.

You were never meant to be floundering on your own in the darkness, I want to lead all to their eternal reward.

Your cross, ailments and life’s concerns may distract you much of your day, but as you unite your sufferings, even slight annoyances, with My earthly suffering of the Passion I make it reparation.

I desire that you see clearly now, you do not know the hour nor the day of your demise, and your time here upon earth is preparation for the Kingdom where there is no sin.

Pleasures and amusements occupy many in the world, their hearts though they are unaware, hunger for the Truth, that only I can supply and satisfy in them.

To all My lost and weary ones I say turn around, I am easily found for I never leave you.                     


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