Friday, September 20, 2013



Your sin will blind and confuse you as to what is right and what is the Truth.

When you refer to the Scriptures, you will see how the Pharisees desired to do all that the law required, but missed the Truth in the law, that the Sabbath was created for them, not them for the Sabbath.

Some do not recognize sin when they see it in themselves or in others, but all is not well.

When you desire to see clearly, I will not refuse such a request but I will bless you and give to you as much light as needed that you come to repentance, and receive grace to overcome.

Each of your days are numbered and there are not many of them, for you are to begin to seek out your eternity here while still on the earth, many are of the opinion that they do not have a part to play.

You will be oblivious to the many opportunities that I will supply for your advancement, but if you do not seek to cooperate with Me through prayer you will miss to obtain the graces.

To each of you I ask who is your God?  Who or what is most significant in your daily life, you must come to terms with it now, before it is too late, there is no more time to waste doing useless pleasures.

Truly, there soon will come a day when your decisions will be taken from you, and you will be ordered to do what others demand even against your moral beliefs.

I want to strengthen you now, you who have decided to follow Me, you must become fearless in the sight of the enemy.

I am greater than any disease you are presently fighting, pain or sickness, all situations that are causing you grief and worry, the evil that pervades this present world will not be victorious in the end.

Defeat was never meant to be part of your being for I am the Head and all of you the Body never forget My Omniscience.

Do not make your God too small in your eyes, only believe in the impossible for whatever is your present situation, whatever is your need.

I want to strengthen you and send you into the harvest while there is still time to do so, pray My little ones, pray for the grace and the light.

You may at this time feel as though you are traveling through a desert alone, but this is not the Truth, I am with you and never leave you.

Do not desire anything but My Will to be done in your life at any given time, I will comfort and sustain you until the end of time.

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