Thursday, September 26, 2013


Initially you opened up your heart to Me, and this was a new beginning for you, for us.

The Holy Spirit is the technician who works to restore the heart to its former beauty and even greater.

Many are the years that have tarnished and dulled even broken the delicate heart that was installed into the child of God.

I am going to remind you now of a time when as a child, a truth was taught to you but that you have long forgotten, each of you will have a different memory.

Once again you will renew the joy of sharing what is most precious in your possession, a special stone that sparkles, or perhaps a marble.

This is a lesson for today, I give generously to you, so that you may be generous to others in need.

The Father gave what was most precious to Him, namely Me for all of you.

Abraham likewise was asked to sacrifice his only and beloved Isaac, he trusted God with everything.

Are you beginning to see that you should not put in that place of honour anything but Me and all that concerns Me?

Your heart and all that it cherishes is not unknown to Me, some cannot see past their physical pain, while others are overwhelmed by lack of monetary funds and every concern known to man.

Each of you must look at the bigger picture, your eternity and keep your eyes there always, what is it in your life that will not be acceptable in the New Heavens?

Whatever it may be, I am ready to make it very clear to you, but are you ready to hear it?

It is not prudent to put off looking into these matters, yes you have had a conversion, are you still growing daily?

Many Saints have gone before you, read their lives and seek their intercession especially the Blessed Mother.

One of the devil’s best strategies is to deceive you in believing that all is well and that you should continue just as you are, all is fine, everyone is good.

Under the scrutiny and light of the Spirit, the love of the Father will entice you to return even closer.

As you reverence God ever greater, I will increase in you the sense of My closeness, My eye is on you.

While you are living for self, you will be fearful, anxious, among other negative elements, this is not from God.

Living for God brings you peace and harmony, the praise of God will be always on your lips.             


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