Sunday, July 7, 2013



Yes, I have warned you about the coming chastisements, but I want you to pay attention to your present situation.

If a man is walking and looking ahead into the distance, does he not fall into the pit placed before him?

So it shall be with you also, pay attention to the matters at hand, they will be sufficient for the day.

Pray daily for the assistance of the Angels, especially the Archangel Michael, prince of the Nine Choirs of Angels, they have the strength and have the ability to fight for you.

They were created to help and guard you throughout your life, but particularly during these troubled times when demons will be infiltrating the world at large.

Do not be afraid, but be vigilant, the evil one knows his time as ruler of this world is coming to an end, and he will seize every opportunity and everyone that he can, in his hate for God and His people.

You do have Faith in Me, but so far it has not been tested as to bring about it’s greatest potential.

Trust in My love and ability to create the Saints you are being formed to be, it is both My desire and Will to accomplish this in your lives.

You will indeed be swamped with waves of doubt and uncertainty in the coming days, but among you
I will place one, who will always bring you back to Faith in Me and not of Faith in yourselves, even to a greater Faith than before.

Could there be anything that would separate us, anything evil that would cause you to forsake Me?

I have chosen you, therefore it is My doing not yours, I have created you to be with Me for all eternity, and you must do today whatever seems good and worthwhile in advancing Kingdom ways.

I have placed a song in each of your hearts, for you are to replace in the Heavens, the positions of the fallen Angels, sing My children to the very joy of your hearts.

The melody that has been placed in your hearts, so sweet that it enlivens the very life of your Soul, this is what I long to hear in all the Heavens, sing!

It will be the Holy Spirit who will release this song within you, be docile to His power and workings in you, do not stifle what I have a right to, that which is Mine for My glory.

How can you sing in fear?  You cannot, if I do not hear your song, I will be saddened and disappointed, for I desire your greatest good.

I await to hear from you the Angelic sounds, even here and now a song of praise and thanksgiving, for My Kingdom is at hand.


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