Thursday, July 18, 2013


You are not without honour for you are My representation here on earth.

Do you know that every moment of My earthly life had merit, not just when I suffered My passion on Calvary and died, therefore worship My infancy, childhood and adolescence.

And so in your lives, every moment is precious in My sight, allow Me to accomplish My Will everyday.

Do not ignore what you are hearing, discern My voice, you were created to recognize even a sigh from Me.

My desire is for you to be prosperous, joyful and satisfied in your lives even in this life, you are Mine.

All fear and worry must be eliminated, do not entertain these thoughts for they are not from Me, I am leading you to green pastures that are peaceful and not pits of despair.

Begin each day with a clean slate, that I may write for you calm acceptance of My Will in your hearts, what a joy it is to find you anticipating to serve even in the simplest acts of love for love of Me.

Never am I “over there” for I am always in you and I never leave you, I know when you sit and when you stand, My thoughts are jealously guarding you.

Sometimes your thoughts and busyness take you far from Me, I am eager that you recognize My presence so near to you, I wait, anxious to share your hurts and joys.

Because this life is short, you must take every opportunity to obtain many graces needed to combat laziness, and self-life that cause you to neglect your duty, the care of those who need you.

Have you discovered Me in My disguise, in the beggar, the slow elderly person who you wish would hurry along, the rude teller, or the crying child who wants your attention?

If your Spiritual life seems more like a smouldering ember than a burning flame, possibly you could rekindle our life together with some quiet time, a short encounter with Me during Adoration perhaps.

Very few are giving Me time to speak the words they are needing to hear, and even fewer are believing that I even do speak to them.

You are wrong in thinking that I only speak to special people that I have chosen.

In My unique and faithful love for you, I desire to surprise you by answering in unexpected ways, perhaps in a beautiful sunrise or sunset, a waterfall or quiet stream, there is so much I want to show you and reveal to your understanding.

In your amazement I will grant you much more than what you have asked of Me, because I have died for you, will you not live for Me?


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