Thursday, March 10, 2016


2016-03-09                                   AMBASSADORS OF MY LOVE                                      INRI

You must know and have an understanding of what it is that you believe, in order to be able to transmit My Love to others.

Having been given the ultimate gift from Heaven, that is My Body and Blood that you may be My temples, look not elsewhere for the strength to deliver the love I desire to propagate.

In this is your obligation to bring Me to all you meet, thus they will come to know that I live.

Your gentleness, kindness and mercy are ways in which you will manifest My presence to them.

My Mother Mary will lead you to know and love Me more, She suffered along with Me for love of you.

In the Scriptures from the very beginning to the end, you will discover God's love letter to all His Creation.

Study these Words written as instruction to the generations that established these Truths to their children and their children's children.

Persecuted for their Faith, the martyrs shed their blood with courage for what they believed, they were willing to accept the cross that was set before them.

How are you to be ready to give up your lives if you do not know what it is you believe, come into a deeper understanding, the grace is given to those who ask.

You will be able to walk in the Truth of your Faith, you will be My Hands and Feet, showing gentleness and kindness, forgiving with a love that will be from above.

You were created to be My witnesses in the very lives that you live, throughout the world I have strategically stationed you for My use.

As you are going about thinking that your lives are ordinary, not be any means extraordinary, but all the while living in My Love, I came into your humanity that I might empower you in My Divinity.

In this will be your ability welling up from within, so profound will your courage be when needed, that you will not fear whatever the challenge that is set before you.

I have given you the gift of Faith, be proud and do not cower or be ashamed in your belief and love of Me.

My people, I have prepared you with all that you will need, I have given you My very Self to live in you, what more do you require, only that you come to know Me and understand what it is to love with the love that is more than human but Divine.

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