Thursday, March 17, 2016


2016-03-17                                                                                       INRI

Your life on earth is lived in unfolding stages of development, and so your spiritual life will develop also in stages.

You first come to realize that there is a spiritual battle going on for your very soul.

Overcoming sin in your life will be bridged by the crosses that I allow to enlighten you as to how you have hurt others by your words and actions possibly your neglecting to act.

All these stages take time and I am conducting these incidents and inspiring thoughts to bring you into a relationship, a union with Me.

There will be opportunities to grow in holiness as your spouse or best friend gently whisper to you that you've gone off the path, that you need to redirect steps, possibly slow the work, you are trying too hard.

Change comes gradually and I am the One Who wants it more than you do, spend more quiet time with Me, here is your greatest progress made.

Meditation upon Scripture, repeating a phrase or word, that is jumping out at the moment, these bring about My being able to speak to your heart.

Your prayer should be a habit that you look forward to, like meeting up with a good friend to share some good news or perhaps a disappointment.

I desire to increase virtue in you, look at your habitual sins and see the virtue that is the opposite, together you and I will day to day work on emulating these without stress.

For in complete peace of heart, mind and soul, you are being made whole unto perfection.

You are now in the illumination period of your life, as you recollect and examine daily how you have been successful or not in the progress you had hoped to accomplish.

Regardless, you will have found that the past sins no longer are part of who you are, they no longer control you and your true identity allows for My love to be felt by others.

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