Monday, June 29, 2009

Jesus In Others


I asked the Lord during Adoration to help me to see Him in others. Jesus responded:
“In as much as you forget yourself, when you really look at others, you will see Me, and I will grant you all you will need to minister to them.”
I asked further “when will I do this Lord?”
Jesus said “when you, yourself have a need, I will suddenly bring to you someone I wish you to minister to in their need.
In this way you are giving them compassion and caring, out of your need, not out of your abundance, and I am now ready to use you for My purpose and My glory.
Think for a moment of the gospel of the woman I healed of the hemorrhage, she reached out to Me in faith, so many others in that crowd were there because they wanted to see miracles that they heard I was performing.
She reached out to Me as if l were her last hope.
Faith moves Me.
When you come to Me with your needs, believe in My love for you and believe in My desire to heal and answer you; do not leave Me, as needy as you came in.
I want to empower you today, to receive from Me by reaching out to the one you can see-----your brother or sister, whom I allow you to help and show at least compassion which through you I will grace you with.
All I need from you is for you to be willing for Me to use you.
As you forget yourself, your happiness is increased, somehow your needs are met.
Your sinful eyes are now able to see Me in your brother and sister----and they can see Me in you.”

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