Friday, March 23, 2012



It is the Father Who is calling you to come to Me, He is loving and gentle, and desires you to know Him.

I long to give to you the Living Waters of the Spirit flowing into hearts that yearn.

Are you the ones that yearn for My Spirit, the Spirit of freedom and of love, I pray you are?

I tell you, if you will only pray with the sentiments of a sincere and longing heart, I will quickly respond.

It is My greatest pleasure to give the Spirit to you for the fulfilment of the Father's Will here on the earth as in Heaven.

In My hands are the many graces that have been prepared in advance for the good of the world and for your Salvation, but you need to ask for them.
My children, know that the Father is love and I came to earth to unite you to Him as His very own as I am.

I came to give you life that would unite all of you also to each other as brothers and sisters, in hurting
one another you destroy the love that I purposed in coming.

My very flesh I give so that you may be one in Me for the good of all, you are to be My ambassadors of love in a world that hates and aims to satisfy selfish ambitions only.
Many are sick because of the outrageous sacrileges and abuses, indifferences which I endure from those who carelessly eat of the Sacred Food of the Eucharist, prepared and given for the Children of the Kingdom.

Rejoice that I have called you and draw you to Myself, to a life of purity and holiness, to live love.

Look not to see how your neighbour is doing spiritually, for it is I who am the judge, only look to
yourselves and entrust it to Me.

Do not be anxious over things which you cannot control for I am the One from Whom all things proceed.

Surrender all circumstances of your day even when they seem to be not from Me, I have for your
greater good allowed them.

I lead you down paths quite surprising at times but even in the mundane moments of life, embrace the
hopeful enthusiasm I give, and know that with each step, I am with you.

Those who wisely follow My Mother's guidance and direction will not be led astray but gain much more quickly to the desired reward.


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