Thursday, March 8, 2012



I am calling you all to enter into My Banquet of love, all has been made ready.

Many are refusing, some have other priorities, some of you intend to come soon but not yet.

But to those whose hearts are pure and who seek for Love to be their all in all, I give My Kingdom.

Who are those who are being called you ask?

I call everyone who seeks to have knowledge and a personal relationship with Me, the Son of God, Son of Man.

No one will be refused, except those who will not enter in, those who put off doing good to others or
who believe that this door will remain open for them indefinitely.

The humble have a place at My table prepared for those who thirst for justice.

I was calling out from the Cross in My thirst for the Salvation of Souls.

Will you not join My Mother and Me in seeking to save Souls, who have been misguided and distracted?

In this short time upon earth, you will be tested, but without the Eucharistic food to strengthen and
fortify you, none can survive.

Speak with Me constantly, l am listening to you and wanting a closer relationship; with Me you will be able to do perfectly God's Will.
Come rest awhile, do not rush your visits, in some of My Churches, I am abandoned and no one consoles or makes reparation for abuses.

You are so dear to My Heart, see what is veiled from your eyes, I wish to reveal more Scripture truths to you.

Wisdom has hidden from your view My Face, in order that you may grow in Faith and gain for Heaven greater merit.

Those who respond now, to the Father's call to enter into the Banquet of His Son, receive none other
than the Lamb of God Himself.

You will indeed be the Blessed of My Father in your decision to enter into the great feast now without delay.

Feel the company of the Saints as they gather around you to proclaim your fidelity and faithfulness.


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