Thursday, March 21, 2013



You will not know forgiveness until you yourself have been forgiven and tasted freedom from guilt.

I forgive you! I am granting you grace to forgive, first yourself and thereby those who offend you.

I am asking you to be accepting of the love that flows from Me to you, for the sake of all the world.

Is it too great a thing for Me to do anything that I desire, even to pardon the most notorious killer?

You must consider yourself dead to sin and alive in Me, in order to have a life worthy of the Kingdom.

Take My hand, you who are bowed down, and discouraged at the sight of your own sinfulness.

I am raising you up, so that you may walk along side of Me each day, forever.

Do not look back at the missed opportunities, lapses in judgement, failures in charity or anything else
that may be your past regrets, and leave them at the foot of My Cross.

For it is only in going forward, and not looking back, that you will advance in grace to perform the deeds, that will show the world, the love and goodness of My followers, for their neighbour.

Do you recognize how much hate and discord that is found even among those who profess to love Me?

Some of you are jealous and envious of ones that are showing signs of holiness and discipline in the

My friends this must stop, I washed the feet of My Apostles, in order to show you how to be humble,
and I've given you My very own Mother to imitate.

Can anything caring and generous be found in you, I am seeking those who will allow My Heart in them.

You are reading the words of Scripture, but not harvesting the fruit in them, as was designed for you.

Each day should be precious and welcomed by you, for they will never be repeated, but you must never lose hope of overcoming temptation to sin.
I forgive and forget, but I will forever remember the good that you do, as having been done to Me.

I love all that I have created, and so there can be no rationalizing of retaliation, towards anyone even
when they have harmed you.

Love, love is all that is required of you and it shall be done according to My Father's Will and provision.


Thursday, March 14, 2013


It is well and good that you stay close to Me and to Mother Mary always, do not be tempted to wander in areas that entice you away from our relationship.

Shortly you will experience My passion and crucifixion and burial along with Me.

Yes, as My Body is buried, so are you and all your sins buried, through Baptism we are one.

Do you see how you are dead to sin, it no longer has control over you, I was resurrected and you are in Me, resurrected to new life also.

Take these words to heart, for the truth of the matter is, that the life you were created to have can begin in you today.

Yes, feel the joy that rightly belongs to you My children, who have for too long believed the lie of the evil one.

He has had you believe that nothing good could ever be accomplished in you, that your following Me was in vain, that your ability to overcome sin was useless.

The Truth is My life is in you and, My eye is constantly, and ever vigilant upon your every move, for 
I love you with an everlasting love, you are in Me.

I empower you to climb the mountains that life at times presents to you, even great valleys of sadness are overcome.

Some of you are depressed, as you see no light in your future, though I’ve planned adventures that will inspire greatness in you as you continue with Me.

This world is running at a pace that is not conducive with the Heavenly realm of peace and tranquility.

I do not speak of you leaving your earthly circumstances but, of entering into deeper prayer than you have been lately, where I will lead you to places of enlightenment and contentment.

I am so near and want you to console Me, especially in the coming days of lent, when so many will not be listening to My cries of anguish.

My Father wishes you to know also His love, granted to all who will walk with Me, along this path of trial.

You also must follow Me in your daily lives, some are in poverty and yet others suffer the pain of prejudice and bigotry.

Pain can come in many forms as you know, but what hurts the most is the pain of rejection.
Unite with Me in your pain, and I will grant you grace to bear it and to make it redemptive.


Thursday, March 7, 2013



How are you to know Me, or hope to if you do not come constantly and consistently to Me?

I am completely all around you, but you must make the effort to come to Me in your thoughts and

I want to be in your life, to guide and instruct you when times become difficult or confusing.

Today you must establish a relationship with the only One who can free you and give you peace.

Without My peace, you will suffer torment, giving an open door, to the one who desires you to be
worried and anxious always.

Take captive your thoughts, when you sense that they are from the evil one, and give them to Me,
thereby he will flee from you.

When you come to Me, I will remind you of the immense love with which you are loved.

And when you are in constant communication with Me, you begin to see that all things are possible.

‘I want to heal those who are hurting physically, spiritually, and mentally, the lonely and abandoned,
there are ones who have given up hope and some who are dying of poverty and abuse.

But in order for Me to accomplish this, I need you to trust Me to act in and through you.

I am not going to instantly zap you into a total trust mode, that you would want, but I will begin now to fashion a plan that will produce in you the very person I created you to be, a power-house.

You will be My hands that heal, so many are in need now and as time progresses, many more will be
coming to you for help.

I am preparing you by first sanctifying and cleansing the vessels that I wish to use.

Yes, you are My own, whom I created for this time in history, grant that you open your willing hearts.

The world will have its own agenda, but you are Mine and you will not rest until you rest in Me.

Your hearts were created for Me and I alone am your joy, everything will fall into place as it was meant to be and whether you have lack or abundance, you will be satisfied.

Care greatly for each other, and stay united, that is where your strength remains, take notice of whom I have placed in your life, these people are there for a reason.
Possibly the most troublesome one for you may be the very reason you make it into the Kingdom, try to see the gifts I've given him to help you.

I wish to leave you with the knowing that whenever you are thinking of Me, I am thinking of you.