Thursday, March 21, 2013



You will not know forgiveness until you yourself have been forgiven and tasted freedom from guilt.

I forgive you! I am granting you grace to forgive, first yourself and thereby those who offend you.

I am asking you to be accepting of the love that flows from Me to you, for the sake of all the world.

Is it too great a thing for Me to do anything that I desire, even to pardon the most notorious killer?

You must consider yourself dead to sin and alive in Me, in order to have a life worthy of the Kingdom.

Take My hand, you who are bowed down, and discouraged at the sight of your own sinfulness.

I am raising you up, so that you may walk along side of Me each day, forever.

Do not look back at the missed opportunities, lapses in judgement, failures in charity or anything else
that may be your past regrets, and leave them at the foot of My Cross.

For it is only in going forward, and not looking back, that you will advance in grace to perform the deeds, that will show the world, the love and goodness of My followers, for their neighbour.

Do you recognize how much hate and discord that is found even among those who profess to love Me?

Some of you are jealous and envious of ones that are showing signs of holiness and discipline in the

My friends this must stop, I washed the feet of My Apostles, in order to show you how to be humble,
and I've given you My very own Mother to imitate.

Can anything caring and generous be found in you, I am seeking those who will allow My Heart in them.

You are reading the words of Scripture, but not harvesting the fruit in them, as was designed for you.

Each day should be precious and welcomed by you, for they will never be repeated, but you must never lose hope of overcoming temptation to sin.
I forgive and forget, but I will forever remember the good that you do, as having been done to Me.

I love all that I have created, and so there can be no rationalizing of retaliation, towards anyone even
when they have harmed you.

Love, love is all that is required of you and it shall be done according to My Father's Will and provision.


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