Monday, March 31, 2014


Though you are feeling very much unworthy to even be My servant, I need your “yes”.

The harvest of Souls is now ready but where are my workers?

Darkness hovers over the earth, many are perishing for lack of knowledge, lack of direction, lack of love.

The person I created you to be is still being formed, but you must continually ask for what is needed, though you don’t really know what that may be.

There are times when I intervene with special graces unasked for in order that My plan might be fulfilled, but mostly I want your input in what you are to receive.

So many are needing healing of every kind and, Souls are bound hopelessly in situations that they feel they can never recover from or change.

Your present achievements should never be an end but only the beginning for you, I have so much more for your life, joy and peace and a sense of accomplishment.

My mission on earth did not end with My ascending into Heaven, My Holy Spirit was given to you that you may continue in My place, serving being My Hands and feet.

Yes, you are to be another Christ, does it surprise you that I ask you who consider yourself incapable of miracles, healings, all areas of freeing your fellowman, I want to work through you.

Ask Me today for a compassionate love for lost Souls.

Are you afraid that I will grant your request, are you afraid to receive it?

What will be asked of you, you ask yourself, am I even willing to get involved in the work God may ask of me, don’t be afraid, I know you, I created you and I welcome your willingness to consider it.

Yes, your yes to Me may be in blind Faith, but I assure you that it will not be in vain, every aspect of your life has been thoroughly considered and planned for your success in holiness and for My Glory
Change can only proceed as you give permission to My Spirit who will guide you along each path.

Little by little, a frightened, but caring Soul is led trusting only in the love of God for her or him, to be led into a life that is rewarding, they will see miracles of every kind happening through their hands.

Through your prayer words, by your caring actions, healings happen, you become an extension of Me, Souls are set free all for My Glory.

Come to Me in thanksgiving and praise, this will open the door for the Holy Spirit to come mightily in your midst, showering upon you various gifts and blessings.

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