Wednesday, April 5, 2017


2017-04-05                                                                   INRI

I am your gentle Jesus, only one time did I ask anything for Myself from My Apostles, it was in the inner garden of Gethsemane.

Could you not watch one hour with me?” while all the inhabitants of Heaven watched on as I prayed fervently to the Father, “all things are possible with You, let this cup pass from Me, yet let it not be My Will but Yours be done”.

As the hour passed I came once again to Peter, James and John and said, it is time get up, and I say it to you also My people, it is time to get up let us go now, how much more vile has this world grown since even the time of Sodom and Gomorrah.

I Who give and sustain the very life of My executioners, I must be strong and continue for the salvation of the world even for those who persecute Me, I am the Lamb of God, who will be sacrificed for all.

Naked, covered with spittle, bloody and wounded, thrown down into the filth, what has hell not thought of to try to humiliate God’s own Son, Who willingly gives His Life for the good of all.

And yet the Perfect Sacrifice has atoned for all the sins of man, the pure unblemished Lamb of God is raised high upon the tree of life, and as I give up My Spirit to the Father, the temple veil that has long separated man from his God, is forever torn in two.

No longer will God be separated from the redeemed of earth, Heaven’s gate opened once again, as the salvation of all mankind is assured forever.

Yes, I died, but I am risen from the dead, you and your fellowmen will each have a cross to bear in following Me, not one can follow after Me without a cross, do not fear anything that I will send or allow in your life.

Your suffering will never be futile, for I carefully design My plan for your greatest good, every trial is tailored precisely with you in mind, your eternal reward forthcoming.

Trust that when your life is ended, that what was your trial or cross in life, was the best thing that had ever happened to you, even while you are in its midst of what seems like the worst thing possible.

Yet some of you are dead in sin, thus unable on your own to return to Me, therefore in My compassion and love for you, I will draw you to Myself.

Pray for those who have no hope for I am able to do the impossible, I supply grace empowering conversion to the ones you would not deem willing to convert, that it would be possible or probable.

I read hearts and can see and know those who are reaching out to Me spiritually, they lack the capacity to help themselves, but as for all of you I have gone ahead and prepared a place, a mansion for all.

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