Thursday, March 30, 2017


2017-03-30                                                                          INRI

Walk in the newness of life each day, I will give you new and greater graces, set your hearts ready to receive them.

Do not be defeated by your own weaknesses, as I have given you strength and power through My presence living in you.

As you decide for a new conversion daily, you will be made aware of My Words coming to life, as if you are hearing them for the first time, they will be for your instruction today.

The songs that you sing in My honour and the prayers that you’ve constantly prayed, will now have a meaning that they’ve not had before.

You child are not the same as you were yesterday, you have grown spiritually, I Myself am preparing you for your eternity with Me, you are being made holy.

Come before Me in the Blessed Sacrament and hear your name softly whispered with an ‘I love you’.

Yes you, each of you are uniquely created in My plan of Salvation, for all the world will be given help for their special situation and needs, for their greatest growth will be through suffering and trials.

I am within you, empowering you to do My Will with the authority given to you from Heaven.

Do not cower, not today, never again, for it is not from your weaknesses that you will serve your brothers and sisters, but from My strength given to you, as much as you willingly accept from Me.

Even if yesterday you disbelieved, that I wanted to use you, in a way you thought was beyond your capability, today, feel with confidence, the power of My Spirit flowing into your being, courage that you had not known before.

Trusting in Me completely, for the way that the Saints also traveled, as sinners themselves before you, you will also travel with grace abounding.

You are being prepared in this time of grace, as this is an urgent cry from Heaven, that you accept the challenge set before you to grow in the necessary holiness required as a citizen of Heaven.

I am giving you new eyes for your heart to recognize what is before you, opportunities for growth in serving your fellowman, and obtaining from Me every grace and blessing.

I want to give you all for My glory, also am I preparing the world for My coming, may you be My instruments of love for those who are Mine as well, those who at this present time are not experiencing acceptance from those around them. 

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