Thursday, March 2, 2017


2017-03-02                                                           INRI

You are coming to Me in prayer, but I want you to see and acknowledge, that it is not of you, but it is My Father in Heaven Who is drawing you to Me.

He draws you in order that you may bear fruit for the Kingdom, you were created out of love, that you may grow in virtue and holiness.

If you are not growing you are dying, strive to advance in humility, goodness towards your neighbour and in generosity to serve.

When you confess your sin, you are given a grace to resist the forces of sin from drawing you back in.

You will be given the gift of Faith, that will liberate you from self-preoccupation, so that you may in compassion for your neighbour, not only see his need but out of love be led to help him.

I will make it possible for our relationship to escalate, by what you experience in your daily life, and out of love and need you will come to Me.

Into your lives I will place people and events that will benefit your future as only I can see.

When you forgive another it sets you free, this is the essence of love in action, a letting go of your will and the acceptance of the Will of God, for then it is His grace that you accept in order to do the divine.

To allow hidden sin in your life is counter productive in that it does not allow My Life to flow easily into your mind and soul.

My Living Waters may not flow because sin blocks your receptivity, My Spirit, Who brings all the gifts and graces may not enter such a one, who does not allow My Light to illumine the darkness within.

You must prepare now, for in Heaven there is only One Bridegroom, in this life you are made ready to be born into eternal life, you will go from death to life.

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