Thursday, March 23, 2017


2017-03-23                                                            INRI

You have been given another Advocate, the Holy Spirit, He honors Me by giving you and making known to you the benefits I have gained for you by My death and resurrection.

Both the Father and I send Him to you, We agree completely as One God, the Holy Trinity.

Lay down your free will that is given to you, to do the Will of God, for only those who lay aside their knowledge, that is what they know and walk by faith, in the service of God with love, these alone will acquire God’s Wisdom.

You cannot walk with a divided spirit, loving a life that includes many worldly loves, while loving God, this combined effort, together there is little time and diminished love alone for Me.

You do Me a grievous injustice and also to yourself, for in this way little progress is made towards  a greater holiness and affection for Me.

It is the soul that suffers the loss of joy and fulfillment, for it was created to enjoy graces that bring the soul higher as it was meant to soar with its Divine Spouse, even as it is still on earth.

You experience a greater aridity and difficulty in prayer, a dryness and inability to concentrate in our time together, so necessary for your spiritual growth.

Will you take one step to show Me your willingness to detachment from the world and its allure so I may bless you?

These worldly things only lead you to emptiness and poverty, once you acquire them, their promises leave you wanting, I hold true and lasting treasures for you, yet some will never attain them.

Each time you say the prayer I taught you, the “Our Father”, I wrap My Arms around you, and together we approach God our Father, Who loves you as I do.

Together we pray for His Kingdom to come and that on earth as it is in Heaven, His Will be done, I am in you to accomplish this, you are not alone, and never have you been left alone.

I feed you, and I forgive you, that in turn you may be able to forgive others their offense towards you, you become empowered by grace through Me.

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