Thursday, March 16, 2017


2017-03-16                                                                             INRI

I want to bless you today and give you a fresh new hope for tomorrow, a hope that will give Me the glory and also for the good of your neighbour.

Give Me the burden of old worries and stored grievances, that I may relieve you of them and give you peace within your heart, a new perspective for your future.

Your life upon earth is meant to prepare you to pass through the narrow gate that leads to the Kingdom.

I have especially chosen people that you will meet today and tomorrow, that will be the means for your growth, in virtue, strength in trial and adversity, and in overcoming fears.

You will be able to serve in freedom and in peace with a greater capacity, as you pray both for guidance and for the humility to know that it is not your ability but Mine.

Some of you are in need of healing, who live with depression, scrupulosity and anxiety, I will set you free.

Then you will know true joy and true love, how can you love Me with a divided heart, a heart burdened with other cares?

Is there anything that you refuse to part with, be it a person or material possessions, I make you realize these facts only to draw you closer to Me by means of renunciation.

Lukewarmness is from Satan, who is perfectly pleased in your remaining in the dark regarding worldly loves and attractions, that do not lead to God.

I am bringing you now into the light, as you spend some quiet time alone with Me, this is of great importance as it pertains to your growth and transformation that need to be accomplished sooner than later.

I have made provision for you to travel through this life in safety and security, depend on your Guardian Angel, who is near and who has no other agenda but your well being and to assist you.

I Myself will defend you against all that would slow your steps and weigh you down, run with Me as we ascend the mountain together, being lead in the way of the Gospels.

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