Thursday, June 21, 2012



I have made a promise to you My faithful, chosen ones, to always remain with you.

Even in times of outright disobedience, My Mercy is even greater, as I draw you once again near.

When you love, not as a mere sentiment, but you refrain from anything that, would harm your brother
or sister, I am near.

Turn not away from those who are poor, or who are in misery, through their own fault or through

unfortunate circumstances.

For in My eyes, you are turning away from Me, and this is not acceptable, but is a cause to repent.

Strive for silence, that you may draw Me into conversation with you, I want depth of heart.

I long to direct you into the path, that will perfect love in you, a dying to self.

When the world gives you everything you desire, then your eagerness for Me diminishes, you forget Me!

But then, I recognize in you, a seeking for holiness, when you deprive yourself for My sake.

When you earnestly want to progress in Kingdom ways, which is on this earth, a training ground for all eternity, I am near to help you.
Seek the grace to fast, fast from what you have a natural right to, to eat or to enjoy an activity, and I will greatly bless this abstaining for your betterment.

I have collected all your tears, My child, do not think that even a single thought you have, goes by the

So precious to Me are the ways, that you respond to My call, to set aside an opportunity for us to meet.

Do you at times, feel My presence, though you do not see Me, I allow you to sense a deep peace, so
profound, that joy causes your heart to beat wildly?

In order to disrupt us, Satan will at times, cause past words or actions, to be blown out of proportion,
and be taken out of context, that you be occupied with guilt and sadness, resume your peace.

Come back to Me, I wait in the confessional, when you are in need of counseling or forgiveness, but
always, My plan for you is that you accept salvation in conforming to love.

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