Thursday, May 17, 2012



My peace I give to you, resist anxious thoughts, they are not from My Spirit.

You are all My Agents of Love, bringing My healing touch and comfort to the needy Souls in your families and surroundings.

Why waste your time on the efforts to bring disharmony to the world that is in so much need of peace

and love?

Though you do not feel the presence of grace flowing through you, know that in your good deeds, with hearts that are true, I am with you.

I instigate your first thoughts to help your brother and sister, give directions that bring about an increase in faith and perseverance in trials.

Your life can be a song of joy to Me, when all your actions are offered through the loving and

Immaculate Heart of My Mother.

She will distribute all the graces that you will need to serve Me and also, for your own Salvation and that of others.

If in the busyness of life, you should slip into a feeling of helplessness and of being overwhelmed by
much frustration, rest in My arms for even a little while.

When you can feel that ”l reveal My love for you” and that I really care for your every need without fail, then you will be empowered to love in all the ways that others will need you.

Be docile, that is, be easily instructed, by the Holy Spirit, who will gently direct all your movements to greater holiness.

I am giving you companions that your joy may be complete.

You may not perceive the joy or benefits that come from family and friends that are sometimes
disagreeable, but in truth, they are assigned to you by Wisdom for your greater good.

Be patient in the everyday things and trust that your Maker knows all and is in control of your destiny.

Today, go out into Nature and worship Me, for it is there, that you will be able to appreciate the love
with which I created your earthly dwelling. 

Your Heavenly room is not yet ready, or shall I say, you are not quite ready for your Heavenly room, be patient, My timing is perfect. 


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