Thursday, May 10, 2012



In great thankfulness, My chosen ones, will you find the happiness I intended for you in your calling.

Yes, you have taken My heart prisoner, unfathomable as it may seem to your understanding.

I have allowed Myself, your God and Creator, to give Himself completely, and without reserve to you.

What great feat have you accomplished or what have you done to deserve this august gift, unparalleled?

Nothing, you have and are nothing, yet without your merit, only your misery, do l receive you.

Even so, l give you everything, nothing withheld, l give you Heaven on earth, you are Mine.

I wish to communicate this great love, to all the world but, only few receive Me.

Freely united to Me, as openly as one dare permit, do I direct the one who lives My laws of Love.

Who else but My own, will understand in My Word, what the World deems to be foolish and
unproductive, that is, a waste of time in doing  good.

I am a prisoner of Love, ask Me what is most pressing, most troubling you, My Child, for My ear is toward your very breath, your every sigh.

Discipline, though painful at times, is necessary in the development of Wisdom and character.

The Vineyard, planted by My Father, will produce much of the needed Souls, nourished by Me.

You will bear fruit, My branches, while being firmly attached, for never will l abandon you, as l have

As you progress in the works of love, hope, which is trust in your God, will lead you from ever looking back upon past hurts, failures and discouragements. 

lnitially, Baptism and later the Sacrament of Repentance, cleans the Soul, that produce pure fruit.

You will find that those who, previously sought human respect, position and high esteem, now are
seeking lowliness.

As My Love pervades your whole being, your life now surrendered, is confident in the food that leads to Eternal life.


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