Wednesday, May 2, 2012



Come closer now, into My embrace, for many things and worries are vying for your attention.

l want to prepare you for the coming strife that will cause many to be horrified, disoriented and


With My help, that is the Holy Spirit within you, you will be in control of all your faculties.

I have spoken to you of the necessary gifts that must be attained in order that you be at peace.

Prayer, simply talking with Me, is the way to communicate what you need, and when this becomes a
pleasure to do so, you are in the very heart of Love Himself.

Do not neglect to ask for the gifts of self control, temperance, kindness, diligence and patience, which are seldom on the top of the list of wants.

In your time of need for any one of these virtues, ask and immediately they will operate in you.

I invite you to experience all of these and more, as the Holy Spirit inspires, nothing is wasted as you are preparing for eternal life, even now to be used on earth.
This growth in Spirituality, gives more opportunities to be used by the Holy Spirit in His work among you.

You are lights in a world of darkness, evil having advanced in great strides, as all will come to realize.

You will be gathered together for strength and prayer, encouraging one another from moment to
moment, unto the successful end which has been ordained by the Father for all time.

Preparing now is essential and necessary as would be an athlete practicing and being ready for his race.

Petty arguments and worldly self seeking gains must be done away with.

Children, your priorities must align with those of your Blessed Mother who will lead and instruct all who come to Her, especially those consecrated to Her.
Because you are each My Creation, none of you is dispensable, all play important and crucial parts in the economy of this life, none other than you has been given this responsibility.

Are you listening to an inner voice telling you otherwise? Speak now words that counter and affirm your worth, your trust in your God.

Seek daily to ask for the gifts that help others and grow in those virtues that are the most beneficial in your life's mission, I will make all that you need to know and do very clear.


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