Thursday, June 28, 2012


Will you allow the Holy Spirit, to govern the words that you speak, that they be only, words of
encouragement, words that comfort and affirm, for who they are in Me, these are the fruits I seek?

You bring credibility and reality in the Truth, to My followers, as they see you live in conformity, to My Commands.

When you give selflessly, your time, talents, your goods, for the sake of the Gospel, that is, in keeping with the law of love, you bear fruit.

When I commanded you to turn the other cheek, I was not condoning the evil that was being
perpetrated against you.

No, by your non retaliation, and in the Spirit of the Most High, you surrendered what you would
normally have done, you cause to come into action, love, in a way that nothing else could accomplish.

It may be an awakening of a seed, planted long ago, to goodness, in that person, which was never
before nurtured, you then have born fruit.

If you have not love, what will change your neighbour, who sees not Me, but only you?

I have placed you strategically in this place and in this time, to bear fruit, and if then, I find no fruit in
you, what then should I do?

I tell you, I will apply manure and work the ground around you, it may not be to your liking, but it will give ample time, to repent of perhaps laziness, for I am the True'Vine, and as branches, you will bear fruit or My Father, will cut you away.

I do not desire to give you pain and suffering, misery in life, but I love you beyond your comprehension, and must not overlook any means, that you may win the crown, that has been allotted you.

I have given My very life for you, My precious children, who are in the world, which becomes daily, more and more corrupt, thank Me and give praise now that, you may not be consumed by the seduction of evil.

I have in My great plan for the world, a desire to unite the peoples My Father has given Me, how else will joy and peace permeate this, your dwelling place, when I create a new Heaven, a new earth.

Serve Me, delight Me with your praise and thanksgiving, and in so doing, will further and speed, My Second Coming, will I see hearts, that have been prepared to receive Me?

Diverse and many are you, but in One Body, My Body, it is life as I have long destined to give you, in the harmony of loving one another, as I have created you to be for all eternity.


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