Thursday, July 5, 2012



The chastisement will be all around you, but you are covered in MY Blood and the Angel of destruction will pass you by.

Though persecution assail you on every side, and false accusations be hurled into your face, deep peace will remain in each of you.

Those that fear the Lord, have nothing to fear from the world, for I am with them.

You are to be in the world, that is being transformed, cleansed from all evil, and is being made ready for My second coming.

Yes, I deal with Nations, but as your God, I want to deal personally with each of you, looking into your hearts, and seeing the goodness and the not so good there.

Singularly and collectively, I transform what was formerly barren ground, unfit for the Kingdom.

I have loosed your bonds, that which in the past had kept you captive, though you were not even aware.

But because it had always been My plan, since Creation, that you would be an intricate piece of the
work, being performed for this critical time, I freed you.

I loosed your tongue for praise, that you would lead others in the same, and that you would evangelize those, that long to hear the Good News, not so much in speech as by your way of life.

Satan draws many to withdraw into themselves, through new technologies, that cut them off from
interacting face to face, thereby isolating them.

Alienated and alone, they become desperate and hungry, vulnerable and easy prey for the evil one.

He has two powerful tools that he will use on you, that is, to convince you that you have no sin or that you have so many sins, that you cannot be forgiven.

But those whom I have Redeemed, they are the ones who are My worshipers, they are the ones who
have said ”yes” and serve with fervent hearts.

To enable you to love, I have given My very self, My love with which you may love others, that you may see Me in your brother and sister.

Always take the time, to invoke the assistance of the Holy Spirit, in the work at hand, especially when it seems beyond your comfort level or where His guidance and leadership is needed.

I desire that you be stretched, for I see your potential, where you are unaware, and I want you to trust
in Me, I bless your efforts to grow and that you pray ”Jesus I trust in You”, proceeding unafraid.


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