Thursday, July 19, 2012



There is now no time to be wasted, all of you are an important element of these end time events.

I am preparing you through prayer and suffering, both great and small, to be instruments to convert the world.

You will be sensing an urgency to prayer, and must not for one moment ignore or put off that duty,
because of the necessity to be made ready, grateful then, you will fall to your knees.

To be carrying on with your life, as if nothing is happening, is not prudent or wise, for you are the ones chosen for the tasks at hand and for future works of My Spirit.

I am not calling you to be anxious, as if you were without Faith, but the very opposite which is, courage and confidence, in words and actions, that represent that you are Mine.

Among you, are some who are closing their ears and eyes to these messages, lest they see and be
obliged to change what they perceive is an already holy existence in their lives. No need to rock the
boat they say to themselves.

Children, there is no time to lose now, pray, come close to Me in thoughts always, preoccupy yourselves with Me, you will hear instruction whispered in your hearts.

As things become more chaotic, it will be too late, for you to begin to want to change, to look back and regret what could have been done.

Today, make thankfulness a part of who you are, peace will be your constant companion, I dwell in this atmosphere.

Daily there are opportunities, for you to grow, choose now not comfort, but choose to serve with Me.

Tomorrow has not been promised to any of you, so make today, the day that honours you as My

My Mother is given to you to help in the process of preparing you, that you serve for the conversion of the many, who will be straggling behind, unaware of the present danger of the loss of their Souls.

Take and eat, indeed devour these My words, that warn of the coming chastisements that are
happening even now upon the world.

It would not be prudent to allow even, the short time allotted to you, to be of fear for I am leading you.

Proceed in faith, not knowing, but trusting in what I have carefully arranged for you, that you will be capable of doing, in these crucial times, where Souls are at stake, it is your responsibility to care.

None of you are dispensable, I want to use each of you, with Angels working with you, dispensed to aid with your protection and guidance, on the treacherous paths you will tread.


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