Thursday, July 26, 2012



You have not chosen Me but I have chosen you, l am illuminating you first, that you may be a help for the other later on.

They are all your brothers and sisters, all under the care and love of the Father.

Wise is the one who takes shelter in the open arms of My Mother, in these times of violence and unrest.

There you will receive a clearer view of the actions and direction that you must take.

But first, My children, you must not weary Me, by running fearfully from person to person seeking what you are to do.

I will be giving you instruction Myself, even through the Blessed Mary or through persons  I prepare.

Because of blindness through sin, I want to show you where you are failing to follow my commands.

I love you in your frailty and weakness and desire to bring your vision to a greater capability in holiness.

Do not wait any longer, each moment is essential, come now into the stillness of the Sanctuary, where I await you there.

I have very much to tell you, that cannot be revealed in this message, only to your heart do I unfold personal details for your healing, and in order that you be set free.

Desiring a close friendship with you, I yearn to eliminate everything that separates us, that you may serve, in reliance on a relationship with Me for all eternity.

With a greater Faith, you will be able to love your enemies, grace given as you live in the present moment.

You must become My docile students, I am arranging assignments to strengthen you, in areas where you have previously failed and in circumstances you find difficult to overcome.

The Army I am forming will be made ready, against impossible odds, they will be victorious, confident, they will cheer triumphantly for their God on High.

It is for this reason, I desire that you be open , to the infilling of the Holy Spirit, who in His gentle way, will toughen you against the enemy.

This is a great adventure you are embarking on, and because your names are written in the book of life, My Father is endowing you with many gifts.

My Father is recruiting the blind and deaf, soon to be  the heralds of the truth, in the Kingdom that has been prepared since the beginning of creation.

You will no longer be blind and deaf, since l have conquered sin and death.


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