Thursday, July 12, 2012



Do you wish to be My disciples? All of you will be given a cross to bear, be it suffering, loss, an unloving spouse, poverty, physical disability or other things, carried as a cross.

When calamity befalls you, you say ‘why has this happened to me Lord?’ but I say, thank Me and glory in your cross.

Each cross has been perfectly appointed for you, but as such, you have not seen it as so, nor have you
trusted in Me, in allowing for your growth in holiness, by it.

Thank Me for the opportunity to offer through the Immaculate Heart of your and My Mother Mary, all that you suffer, ask that it be united with the sufferings of My Passion, in reparation of your sins and the sins of the world.

With great dignity or in complaint, which do you choose to proceed in this life, which is the will of God?

Children, I love you and nothing that I allow will be anything but My best for you.

Even in lengthy duration of pain and suffering, I am glorified by your joyful efforts in acceptance of My Will.

Unless you follow Me in the small everyday crosses, how else will you be able to say yes, when untold heroics will be demanded of you.

In these end times, you may indeed be martyred, but you must decide now for the courage of

Begin to ask for an attitude of gratitude in all situations, as things are heating up in this growing evil, that dominates society, you must demonstrate trust in Me, to all around you.

You have nothing to fear when you remain close to Me, in My Mercy and grace, I prepare for your

You do not need to concern yourselves with what you cannot control.

In this way, peace and love are generated in your soul, you are God's children, who are being led each and every step of the way.

Those that reject Me continue to walk in darkness and are doomed to fall.

Assist Me in saving those, for whom life eternal has been granted, I will direct you to them, one by one, each, having been redeemed by My precious Blood poured out.

You have been bought at a very great price, accept from Me the honour and privilege of bearing joyfully, what has been allotted to you by My Father, who dearly loves each and every one of you also.


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