Thursday, September 9, 2010



Out of My great goodness was given to you Divine Mercy.

How unfathomable are My riches toward you in this time of your greatest need.

There has never been in all of history such an abundance of knowledge and technological distractions as to lure you away from intimate conversation with Me, the one who so dearly longs to make contact with you.

Because I will not infringe upon your free Will, I wait for you.

The Creator of the universe waits for you.

When all is going well with your world, not much effort goes forth to seek Me.

I am so near!

Seek Me during these times for it is then that your ears are apt to receive not only discipline and encouragement but direction for future endeavors.

I want also that suffering in the way of a desert experience enter your life that you may hunger with great abandon for Me.

When unhappiness is felt in daily occupations and there is lacking that feeling of love, search out the root and ask of Me wherein lies its source.

I will reveal to you all you need to remedy this lack of peace and tranquility.

I now desire to speak to you regarding love for neighbor and love for enemies.

Much grace will be given to your efforts in self-sacrifice even to the smallest signs of loving care shown in the face of insult or ungratefulness.

I desire that your rewards be left to Me and forgotten by you at the time of your good deed.

My presence in you must be kept consciously in the forefront of your mind.

This way you will be operating out of My grace and goodness and not out of your own efforts.

Always be ready to hear My instruction and with trust and the expected help that I will give respond to the situation in which you find yourself.

Do you fear anything? Remain in My gift of fearing to do evil but by no means do I wish you to be anxious and without joy in the life I have given you.

Grow in trust of the love and care that I freely demonstrate to all who come looking to be consoled and fortified.


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