Thursday, September 23, 2010



Your zeal for the salvation of souls consoles the sorrow I feel for the lost.

Who among you has felt the bitter anguish I felt in the abandonment which seared My compassionate Heart while hanging upon the Cross?

When you reflect and meditate with images in your faith vision on the Crucifixion great graces are dispersed into the whole world.

One person praying in intercession, makes tremendous strides for the reprobates, even though they are unaware of the benefits being acquired for their souls.

Continue to seek intimate contact with Me, I reach out to souls who reach out to Me in times of loneliness or fear, confusion seeking direction and especially those who come to thank and praise Me.

I have said to you not to be afraid, but many have looked into the face of turmoil and evils in the present world and become frightened and distracted from serving while the need is so great.

You cannot perceive what or to whom I will lead you to.

Do not try to run ahead of what I have arranged.

Because of this work that I will bless, all will be accomplished according to the plan engineered by My Father, for the greater reward for My chosen ones who remain vigilant.

Trust in what I have already told you in Scripture.

Will you today unite with My greatness and power which will cause you so much enthusiasm in serving, that “light” will radiate from you as My body the Church.

I walk among you. You are My joy, My people, cling to Me and do not look for the security of what is visible but believe, truly believe in Me!

I know your hearts, I know that your desire is to fulfill you earthly mission and that it weighs heavy upon you.

Breathe in the Holy Spirit who is anticipating your call with great love to comfort and strengthen the weak who give in to the temptation to remain in the background and do little or nothing to further the Kingdom.

I bless you now with the courage you require to move mountains.

Spend time with Me in Adoration, I promise to make it worth your while.

Give to Me a minute of your precious time and in return I will give a lifetime worth living and an eternity of happiness.


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