Friday, October 1, 2010



Do you know the extent of My Love for you?

Indeed you do not but I today wish to reveal for your benefit the richness of the power that is as yet unused by you.

If you knew My Love you would see others as greater than yourself.

If you knew My Love forgiving offences against your person would be looked at as blessing.

If you knew My Love suffering would be an opportunity of great promise in your uniting with My sacrifice.

If you knew My Love for you gentleness and patience, goodness and all the virtues would emit through you.

My child look at Me and thereby reflect My being to the world around you.

The Angels each have been given one of My attributes with which to glorify their God and you also with your Angel glorify Me here and now and forever.

I created you for Myself and desire every good to be made manifest in you and your inheritance to be realized now as a taste of future fulfillment in Heaven.

Ask today to see and feel this grace of knowing the great Love which is yours through My Mercy.

This will make all the difference in the heart I wish to possess and occupy permanently.

Ask that I make you a saint uniquely holy for My greater glory and praise.

To walk in My Love undermines time itself for I am the creator of time, meditate on the fact that you are given only a very short span on earth with which to conform and imitate the saints and especially My Mother.

This message is urgent in that each moment will not be reclaimed, but be at peace, remember that Love who formed you has given everything in order that you may have the victory of Eternal Life.

Your joy comes in keeping your thoughts, your eyes, and your priorities in and on Me the one who Loves you even unto death.

I am hidden in great Wisdom of the Eucharist for your benefit which only after this world has passed will you be enlightened as to the meaning of why it must be so.

Not everyone is receiving what you are privileged to receive and also this constitutes responsibility.

Open your eyes to see what you previously could not for a blessing is given to you today, for “I Love You” and desire you to see Me in each other.


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