Friday, October 8, 2010



My little one, remain small that you may touch the hem of My garment and be healed.

You are not aware of your great need of this healing, which I most desire you to obtain in order that I may use you.

My Church is now receiving the beginnings of intense persecution that has long been foretold and even greater pressure will be applied to each of My People to choose to remain through the dark hour with Me or to apostasize.

I am at this moment showing you your imprisonment.

Your thoughts often look to your past mistakes and swing just as quickly to the future with fear.

Look and see that the door of your confinement is open.

The Blessed Mother stands there to receive your hand which she immediately puts in Mine.

See the light you enter into, as opposed to the darkness of your bondage of past failures and future fears, and proceed now to where I call you to live in the present where I am.

Here you shall see Me staring at you with a gaze of love that empowers you to move from this dungeon into hope.

Because of the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, She will crush the head of Satan with Her Heel.

You are the ones now being made ready for this very important historical event before My return in Glory.

You are in the warfare and must be prepared to hear the commands and strategies over Satan and his demons who wish to destroy all who would otherwise be saved.

Again I say to you remain small, the proud cannot reach low enough to touch the hem of My garment.

But I, because of My using you, reach them who will receive the realization of the truth in seeing themselves as they truly are.

As Lazarus came out of the tomb bound and as I spoke to his friends to unbind him, so I prepare you to be used for My glory in these perilous times of uncertainty and despair among those whose faith is wanting.

Remain always close to Me for soon many will be brought to you seeking help even if just a word of encouragement; I will Work through you if you Will allow Me.


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