Sunday, October 24, 2010



Today My children is given to you all, the opportunity to humble yourselves at the feet of mankind for My glory.

Did you not hear in Scripture how I the Son of God washed the feet of the disciples as their example and model of love?

You, like Holy Tabernacles, are the ones chosen to bear Me within yourselves to all the world as I have scattered you.

As such you carry the light amidst so much darkness and destruction.

If you miss this mission which I uniquely form for you, the enemy will press ever forward devouring the weak and wavering Christians and those who have not yet decided one way or another.

The Father’s love envelopes the whole of creation in a sweetness and gentleness that must be revealed to all the nations.

See the gentle Son, for your salvation was brought to lowly and humble subjection to the
Father’s Divine Will.

In newness of life, a life of love and peace was God’s intention for you but the enemy was intent on destroying the sons of men.

I live and breathe this love into your very existence that soon My glory may be revealed.

Remember, that the Blessed Virgin, My Mother, was the first Ark of the Covenant and you must consecrate yourselves to Her, repeating daily your Consecration and Baptismal promises.

Can there be any greater mission for anyone on this earth, yet you like the Son of Man who was submissive to the Father and did not consider Himself equal but was humble.

Even though you carry the treasure of Heaven you must also be humble.

Nothing of pride will unite with Me.

Search your hearts asking the Holy Spirit to reveal areas of sin hidden from others and even from your own eyes.

I look at the heart and desire your perfection in attitudes that affect yourself and others regarding, on My account, the spreading of this peace and light for all.

Come to Me as you are, for My love will be your strength and power, I will increase the joy and happiness you seek.

As you venture into areas that are unfamiliar but are aimed to increase love in your heart for love of Me, I will bless your every effort and you will feel an accomplishment that will encourage even your fellow workers in the Kingdom of the coming New Jerusalem.


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