Thursday, November 4, 2010



Seek Me in the depths of your hearts for it is there that you will hear the inspiration for each moment of your life. 

The justice I desire for your neighbor through your hands will be accomplished only by Me.

This close relationship is to begin With Sacramental Communion in which I enter into you and you enter into Me.

I long to converse with you on every subject and level of your being until it becomes as natural to you as breathing.

Each one of you are precious in My sight but I want to use you individually and then corporately to change the world from the effects of original sin of selfishness which has such a firm grip to the essence of love and justice shown in the Gospels as the truth of life.

Have you become despondent in viewing all that is happening around you during this present time?

Do not grow weary but resolve to shake off all sleepiness and complacency to do nothing
It is a time to wage a mighty battle against the enemy but you must draw ever closer to

Prayer becomes a source of joy and peace also rest for your soul from the turmoil outside when you enter My presence seeking only to be with Me for the sake of others.

Fear must leave, in the reality of increasing trust, entering your hearts where I am, asking you to do and say what disarms hate and violence, being done to the defenseless.

You are My people, chosen to be in this present time, a light for the nations, to stand against all that would cause division to be sown instead of unity among brothers.

Study My Word, the Gospels revealing Love and imitate justice as you feel My strength flowing into every part of your being.

You cannot survive without the strength of the Eucharist, it is Me coming into your very existence.

Study the saints for your encouragement and see how they were very much like you but were transformed by surrendering everything in all humility.

Change seems to happen so slowly to you but, I assure you, that I work in a very mysterious way to accomplish what I have already purposed for you.


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