Thursday, November 11, 2010



Be like little children who when waking in the morning greet the day with smiles, not looking back at yesterday’s woes or tomorrows worries.

The little child lives in the moment trusting that all his cares and needs will be met.

He is free to be himself, loved and loving, enjoying the world as he knows it, and resting in his father’s arms.

Sleep comes peacefully, sure, secure in the safety of the powerful shelter provided by the arms of the one who comforts.

Look into the human face of your God, see Me in the face of your brother.

Did I not show My love in wanting to unite with earth, My children, in every area of life but  .

See how when you are wounded in the heart and you are let down by the ones you most care for, that uniting with Me in My disappointment, I console you.

Each time that you seek to unite your pain with Mine, great graces abound.

When in silence you respond to hurtful accusations, I am there, granting all you need to overcome the desire to strike back, imitating Me.

This life is to be lived, not as the world declares it should be, but in love.

True love of others never counts the cost, never keeps score or renders an account.

Always remember that what you do to others, you do unto Me.

This is a time of forgiving self and making efforts towards reconciling old hurts even if only through prayer at first, I will lead you further if you will allow Me.

When all is well within oneself all is well with the world, you can tackle anything, any problem at hand.

Seek My Will in all things that is where you must first begin.

I most welcome your problems and also your insecurities in knowing how to proceed.

I want to help.

The answers are often not what you want to hear but they are Wisdom.

You can ignore what you hear or accept direction for you know its source in discernment.

My thoughts are always on you child and if you will acknowledge that what you are privileged to see and hear as coming through My hands, I can direct your work, your dealing with others for your good and theirs.

Simplicity of your life and walking humbly with your God, recognizing who you are in My eyes, loved and cherished, will bring you to the promised land you seek.


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