Thursday, November 25, 2010



There are moments when you feel very close to Me, and there are moments when indeed you feel far from Me.

My child, the truth is that you never leave My side even in your disobedience and independent actions which harm yourself and others.

I love your efforts to return to the path which I have laid out for you and wait to return to you the joy which from time to time has lapsed into sadness.

Invoke the assistance of your favorite saints and you will progress quickly in the way of holiness.

Your angel, especially chosen for you by Me, is also ever in My sight encouraging, praying and directing you.

Enter into the joyful song of the angels in My presence, you will, in spirit, hear them and see them.

Become one with My Mother as She adores and pays homage to Her God and your God.

Many gifts have I given you to use rightfully in this short time of life on this earth.

Always begin with thankful praise which instantly ushers you before the throne of the Almighty.

Listen as your heavenly friends prompt and encourage you with Words of praise and glorious sentiments of worship.

My greatness must be proclaimed, I bless and give grace for every need according to the plan of Salvation forming you each moment of each day.

Rise up again every time you are fallen and begin once more, thankful for the opportunity to do so.

My Mercies are unfathomable, you cannot possibly imagine what your life is meant to be but I can and desire to lead you in this Way.

I am patient with you but My desire to further holiness in you sends flames burning the Heart within Me.

Come quickly to the quietness of My Garden, so peaceful and so worth your while.

Unknown to many and even more are they who do not care to seek Me in all their life until it is time to leave this world.

I bring true joy which they have never really known in all that they have experienced.

Peace which comes from trusting in the knowledge that the Creator of all things cares enough to have died for each one personally would give them hope for tomorrow.

So much of their pain, spiritually as well as some physically, endured for so long has been needless and graces to be acquired neglected.

Tell them, you who are My faithful ones!

You see who they are, I will point them out to you, I will bless you, for I love them to, and I desire that My goodness be radiated throughout this broken and desperate world.


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