Thursday, November 18, 2010



When I first formed you, you were perfect.

But sin entered into the world and all was changed.

From now on life would be outside of Paradise for mankind had chosen to super-impose himself before his Creator.

Challenge yourself to be the person I created you to be.

Many times you will return to Me begging for forgiveness and find that My love is ever greater because of the sorrow and humility you’ve shown.

Your constant efforts to return and begin again as you come before Me especially in the Blessed Sacrament cause great rejoicing in the Heavens.

Enclosed in the shelter of My arms as in a cocoon, which forms new life, wings, with which to soar ever higher and higher in grace and virtue.

Do not doubt that the time of suffering you now endure, is needed to unite with the sufferings of the cross, which you share in the gain of your Salvation.

In this time of darkness and feeling of not being able to do what you desire, even in the striving for holiness, is all part of the transforming process of dying to self.

Your struggle is My concern and peace and love of neighbor must remain as your priority in this time that is spent growing ever slowly toward the goal of selflessness.

At each moment you must make a conscious choice to serve self or your neighbor.

I am always with you to help you choose rightly but if you fail, do not lose your peace, only those who believe the lie of the evil one, lose hope and do not trust in My goodness.

Come once again into fellowship with Me, it is such a wonderful adventure I plan for you. Each new day has opportunities of much growth.

Joy will come to you as you visualize My eyes on you because of the love that is constant and all encompassing.

Nothing exists beyond My penetrating every molecule and cell.

Who can fathom the greatness of creation into which I have placed each and every one of you My children.

Your Father waits eagerly for the prayers that request help for others and grace to overcome distractions of the world.

There is so much I want to whisper individually to your heart, wait for My Breath upon you and receive the Spirit’s direction and power to proceed in the commissioned work chosen uniquely for you.


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