Friday, October 15, 2010



My word for you today is to encourage and strengthen you during these difficult but necessary times.

All that you have thus endured has been beneficial in your preparatory season in anticipation of the work which you will be called to do.

Keeping always your eyes on Me will keep you from becoming fearful and anxious.

Notice the beauty today of the world around where you have been placed by Me.

Notice the sounds of the birds as they are busy preparing for a cold unwelcoming winter which may be very harsh at times.

You also must be ready and it is My work to allow circumstances to mold My children.

How is it that you still speak to Me as if I were far away, when in truth, I am closely united to you in your heart, knowing every beat and breath, every care?

Only when I am ignored or pushed out through sin, do I not envelope you with the warmth of My song of love, of peace and tranquility.

Be always mindful of others’ needs and feeling as I inspire good deeds, to be accomplished through you the passion of joy.

You will desire to hold on to this emotion as long as you can, it lifts your thoughts to thankful praise and gratitude for your very creation and salvation.

Come to Me in simplicity, the more complicated your life, the greater are the chances of your being too busy for the treasure of Heaven Himself.

Be conscious of the world dictating to you “what you need” and “what will make you happy’?

For you are bombarded daily with such propaganda that are untrue and meant only for your unhappiness in the long run.

Most have discovered this for themselves already and feel confused and disappointed with life itself.

Remember where you are, this is not your home.

What you see and what is going on in the invisible realm are of My concern.

You are My concern and your welfare, your happiness which in the Wisdom of God must be trusted blindly at times.

Have confidence in the love which will never end, no matter what you have done or will ever do.

I have provided many graces and avenues with which to accomplish the Divine Will in your life.

Pray that you be given more love, more faith and more courage to persevere to the end when My Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of Mary will triumph.


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