Thursday, September 16, 2010



The love I have for My bride, the Church upon earth is so very great.

Each of My children has been called to the perfection of the Father in all that they do as they make a sincere effort daily to distance themselves from earthly desires especially monetary gains.

I have given you a means to attain in the most efficacious way the entrance to a holy and meritorious life in this fallen world.

It is by way of following the most Blessed Mother who by imitation and instruction will both take you by the hand step by step and also will intercede in every way for what is lacking in you.

Time grows critically near for the judgment hammer to fall when without further allowance of injustice, strife and sorrows all will receive what has been promised or warned in reward or punishment.

Come to repent while within the hour such joy awaits those who see truly a new and deeper love in Me, a greater reason to praise and thank Me and by this light, see themselves as they truly are, so needy and vulnerable and so loved by Me.

I hunger for this contact with you it is then that I will shower you with the gifts and infuse new graces into your soul.

Peace and tranquility will flood your heart to so that within its warmth and welcome I may dwell.

Pray for others to come to this awareness as you become the example I Wish to use in furthering also their holiness.

You are not aware of the eyes that follow your every move both in Heaven and on earth.

Be conscious of this fact for I will hold you accountable, be wise, seek piety and Christian perfection.

Many are proceeding as if their tomorrows are predictable according to their plans but I assure you it is as if they were walking on thin ice, unaware and unwilling to see the coming danger and lack of future preparation.

Live in My joy and do not worry about what you cannot control but in the best of your ability stay close to what you know is trustworthy and good.

Be for your families’ good examples of self-giving love for them and for all who I allow to touch your lives in one way or another.

Who knows, you may encounter Me in the person you least expect!


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