Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Refuge of My Sacred Heart


I invite all to enter into the sanctuary of My Sacred Heart.
See it as a quiet refuge, away from all the distractions that bombard you throughout your day.

Enter now and perceive how the room itself is alive, it will be for you, a strange sensation, which you
may never before have experienced, but which I in My Majesty want to share with you.

Sense the Holy Spirit holding you, in love's embrace as you approach the living fountain of My Blood, which I have given for you as covenant, you are mine and your eternal happiness, should be always elevating your thoughts, for this is also My Divine Will for you.

Come to the fountain, with your heart as cup, and be filled unto overflowing.

Receive Mercy and forgiveness, leave all fear and feelings of unworthiness, at the door of My Heart, for there is no room for such sentiments here and now in this precious time we are sharing together.

Your visit with Me is most welcomed, and I desire that you enter often into this solitude which you are so much in need of.

I know your needs, but you are not aware of the things I will reveal to you, and as I reveal them to you gently and lovingly, you will begin to see what is necessary at this time, for you to ask for grace, My help.

Never lose your joy; your “trust” in My fidelity and mercy to forgive  delights Me and I give much more than you ask.

When your heart has been filled, and duty beckons you to attend to your daily chores, go in that peace and joy that comes from being with your Beloved, the one who most loves you.

Do not wait for tomorrow to come to Me again, even a thought of Me, renews you and endears Me to you again.

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