Thursday, November 26, 2009

Safely In The Boat


My hands are no longer tied, they reach out to you in your need, just as I had reached out to Peter, when, as he was walking on the water to Me, he doubted and began to sink.

My hands were tied when I hung upon the cross, My hands were tied before you turned to Me to finally give your life to Me.
I loved you into existence but you needed to come to Me of your own free will.
You needed to see your need for Me to pour My cleansing Blood upon you and to clothe you with My Spirit.

I could easily have appeared in Peter’s boat, I could have from the shore calmed the storm but, I had a plan for your life even then that you would be shown this - that Peter would desire to come to Me , as he kept his eyes on Me, he could accomplish the miraculous, but suddenly reality, a cold splash of water to his face, caused him to weigh what exactly he was doing and he began to lose confidence.

My hand reached out to him, it was a sure grip, a grip I also have on your life.
Be sure that Peter was not intending to let go of My hand and neither are you, You have tasted life with Me and more and more you are finding a greater trust for letting go of your fears and doubts.

Notice that I did not calm the waters until we were safely in the boat with the others. This is significant as I want you to know that, when you are called to “walk on water” at times, when life catches you and causes you to be over-whelmed, there will be times, unexpectantly so, when you will feel My hand there to save you.
I may not calm the waters though until you are once again returned to Me, safely in the boat.

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