Wednesday, December 9, 2009

This is The Blog of Father Sam Johnston

A Faithful Retired Priest of the London Ontario Catholic Diocese

This blog is being written on Father Sam Johnston's behalf by me, Michael Brandon of Freedom Through Truth. Father Sam might have written it himself, but since his delayed retirement in 2005, he is too busy to have the time to do this.

Father Sam has told me more than I can possibly absorb in the times I have spent with or near him, and so his history, which is a wonderful story will unfold over time as I am able to corral him to get more details.

In summary, Fr. Sam was born and raised in Ridgetown, Ontario, and wandered about a bit, while trying to figure out his true vocation. One of the challenges he faced was that he was not a very good student. However, he prevailed and after 4 years as a teacher, was able to get into the seminary for priests in London, Ontario, St. Peter's. He was 34 years of age by the time that he was finally ordained. As a youngster, he enjoyed a couple of grades in school so much that he repeated them, which along with his time as a teacher in a one room school contributed to his late ordination.

As he told me his first 10 years were uneventful, and in his words unsuccessful. Everything he tried started out fine, and then fell to earth with a bang. But, in his tenth year, he was invited to a Charismatic retreat for priests, and everything changed suddenly for the better.

Those changes particularly in his life and in his ministry will be the focus of future postings.

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