Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Another Undated Prophecy

Addressed to My Children:

This prophecy, though undated appears to be about 25 years old. It is really a love poem from God the Father to us, His Children.
I am calling you to a new beginning.
Listen carefully and learn to yield.
I have so much more to give to you,
As I am preparing you for a greener field.

My sheep have scattered, my body is wounded.
Many broken homes are to be mended.
My little ones are suffering through a lack of love.
This is not what I intended.

With deep compassion I look upon my flock,
For only through Me it can be done.
My world needs love and understanding,
And a return to my beloved Son.

I desire to fill you and give you My Glory,
And a love you all should know.
Fast and Pray, be reconciled with Me,
And soon, my dear ones, you will being to grow.

You seem to be lost in an emptiness.
Why are you withholding still?
Reveal that hidden corner now,
And bow humbly to Your Master's will.

With a tenderest love I am leading you.
I go before you as your guiding light.
Open up your hearts anew,
And do not put My Son aside.

Why be afraid of me Your God?
Make Me the center of your lives.
Because you live partly for your own desires,
You are struggling to survive.

I don't create misunderstandings.
I am Your Master, Creator and Provider.
I desire to give you My Spirit, more of My Gifts;
Open your heart a little wider.

Show respect for your priests and leaders,
For I myself chose them to be
Shepherds to lead and guide my flock,
And to draw you closer to me.

All I am is Love, My Dear Ones.
Where do I stand with you at this very hour?
Allow Me to fill that void in your lives,
And I will show My Healing Power.

Satanic forces try to destroy you,
My Dear Ones, I must speak my pain.
For I Your God suffer with you.
So many hearts are to be renewed again.
The essence of this prophecy is God's call to us to give ourselves to him completely, and to let go of those things that separate us from Him. He lets us know that it is our fear of Him, that is contributing to our failure to completely submit ourselves to Him.

One important stanza asks us to show respect for our priests and leaders, since He himself has chosen them, which is a biblical statement, but also a good reminder to us of what we need to do in obedience to Him.

We expect our priests and bishops to be perfect and when they prove to be human either in their sinfulness or in the evolution of their own charisms over time, rather than immediately upon ordination, we show our dissatisfaction, when in fact we need to pray for them, and great them with the respect that we would want to be treated ourselves.

In the closing stanza, God Himself tells us that the devil (Satan) is trying to destroy us, when so few of us even acknowledge that the devil exists. Having seen the devil on one occasion, I can attest that he exists, and am aware of some of his tricks, though I confess that I fall for them all too often, since I will remain a sinner as long as I am on this earth.

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