Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Prophecy for the Church and Its Priests

Another Undated Prophecy

This prophecy is probably over 20 years old, a word from Our Heavenly Father, calling us, and particularly his priests, to prayer, fasting, and sacrifice. It is also a call to give our whole hearts to God and not just part of us.

Due to the age of this prophecy, I believe that some of it is visibly coming to pass. I have met many priests since then who are committed to encouraging God's work among his people. I think of Father Sam Johnston, at 82 years old just the other day, retired, but far from slowed down. Also, my thoughts go to Father John Pirt, and Father Francis Jeyaseelan of my own parish of St. George, in London, and Father Michael Prieur of St. Peter's Seminary here in London. I am also reminded of priests I have encountered blogging, Fr. Tim Moyle in Mattawa, Ontario, and Fr. James Farfaglia in Corpus Christi Texas. My wife and I have special places in our hearts for Father Clement Agamba from Tucson Arizona, by way of Ghana, who we met while snow birding there, and look forward to seeing again soon. They join many others I know personally, or have encountered, who are leading Godly lives of prayer and faithful service to God's people.
I voice a message; I speak a word;
My heart is aching for the many priests
Who do not encourage my work among the flock
Or allow my Spirit to be released.

How urgent is the cry of my Bride, the Church.
The time is now to evangelize.
I am calling you to prayer and silence,
Fasting, prayer and sacrifice.

The Body of My Son is broken,
And I your God, do speak my pain.
Listen closely to this message;
Please do not let it go in vain.

Take heed, my dear ones, for indeed it is I;
Gently I extend my healing hand.
It's because of you; you are not listening,
And you do not understand.

Oh, how I long to heal those hurts.
Which are crippling My Church, My Body.
Are you afraid of what will happen
If you give you all to Me?

Why did you build me only the framework,
Or perhaps allow only the surface to heal?
Open your hearts this very night
With those hidden things I long to heal.

Be reconciled with one another,
And be reconciled with Me.
Criticism and pride have scarred my Body;
I long to set my people free.

I wish to give you the gift of listening;
It is I, your God, who is speaking.
Show me that eagerness, your very first love,
For a new era is slowly peaking.

I have so much more to give to you;
Trust My dear ones, trust in Me.
Come tonight before Me;
Give your all to Me.
Our Beloved Father in Heaven wants us all to turn our hearts towards Him and His abiding love for us, but so many of us are afraid, afraid to let go, afraid to not be in control, as though we really are in control. He asks us to drop our delusions, and to make the Truth our aim.

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