Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Pure In Heart


The first sign that you have finally given your life to Me, will be that you, see things of nature with a new
You will see them through My eyes as was meant to be when I first created man.

A pure heart will now lead you to see as I see the needs of those around you.

Seeing in this way lifts even your mood and as the Holy Spirit fills you with living waters, it pours forth producing the Father’s Will.

It will not be thought out, as I will spontaneously do good works and acts of kindness through you without a second thought.

My desire is for you to be united to Me in prayer, especially of gratitude, because, many are ungrateful for all the gifts and grace given them.

Replenish your strength, with contemplation, completely losing yourself in Me, where we, the Trinity, unite lovingly with the created.

Be at peace always and leave Me to plan everything for your life, never questioning but being mindful of your new eyes and new heart.

I am more aware of things in and around you than you yourself are. 

You will know that it is Me in you as an interior peace.

Satan is exterior and will attack from outside of you.

Refuse to allow any thoughts that are not of the Divine Will to occupy your mind.

Quickly say “Jesus I trust in You”.

Because your God inhabits you as a temple, you do not see evil but only the things of God, as would bring Him praise and glory at all times.

That interior joy shall forever reside in My chosen ones who live not for themselves but for the Righteous One.

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