Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Pre 2000 Prophecy

From Our Blessed Mother, and from God the Father

In this prophecy, you can hear the voices of our Dear Mother Mary, and also of the Father calling us to repent, be like Jesus.
I look upon this dark lost world
My heart is sad. My Son is weeping.
My little lambs are suffering from a lack of love,
Because many sheep are blinded and still sleeping.

O how I love to bring peace and justice
When will my people come to realize
That they need a personal relationship with Jesus
And be more willing to suffer and to sacrifice.

Give me you old life, your frustration
And I will fill you with Joy, love and peace.
I will give you a new spirit and new heart
My gifts and power I will release.

I desire to delight my people throughout the earth
And I will demonstrate my love and my power.
I will wipe out the works of the evil one.
Satan is keeping you in bondage up until this very hour.

Time is running our my dear ones
Don't look for excuses any more.
Reach out to the lost, the poor, the broken hearted
And I will bless you more and more.

I will wrap you in a jealous love
If you are obedient to this call.
I will make others look great
But you my dear ones I will keep small.

My children, imitate Jesus
Through a life of suffering and deep humility.
Be available, dedicated and spirit filled
Go and lead the lost to me.

Make your commitment and bind together.
I was I your God who called you here.
I am calling you to fasting, prayer and reconciliation
The year 2000 is drawing near.
This call which is over 10 years old is timeless, except for the unnerving line "Time is running out my dear ones."

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