Friday, December 25, 2009

New Life In You


Come all of you to the stable of Bethlehem and kneel in adoration to your humble God, who leads you in the way you should live.
Not everything will be apparent at first, but as you come near to Me, peace invades your surrounding, and your heart.
I am the Almighty God, creator of all things, who has come among you, so vulnerable and weak, needy for food, warmth and your love.
See yourself, as the clay vessel, you are.
Today I bring to you the seed of love, Myself, to be planted in you. I have prepared you for this moment, while patiently waiting for you to seek Me and be satisfied.
Your heart, individually opened to receive new life in Me and now from this clay soil, a new shoot, somehow bursts forth, not like the clay, but a new creation.
You have only to receive what I am doing in your life day by day as you continue in your close walk with Me.
I continue to grow you into a maturity you have never known, accomplished by faithfulness and fidelity.
I will bend you to the ground with circumstances of life around you.
See it as the work of the Holy Spirit, as He grows and matures fruit in you to be scattered all around you in a motion of springing forth.
After this, the plant dies.
It will be a season of dying to self as part of My plan for you,
As this bending is taking place, humility grows as dependency becomes stronger but is not broken in spirit.
I am always aware and in control of all that is going on in the life of My child.
As the process begins again, you retum to Me with an ever increasing eagemess to serve and to obey, all I have commanded you.
I Will bless you very much with grace to further you in your walk to holiness, stay close, to the Blessed Mother and call on Her often in and throughout your day.
Today, may the joy and peace of new life which is bursting forth in you, cause those around you to give praise to their God, for LOVE is encompassing the world.

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