Saturday, December 12, 2009

A 1973 Prophecy Through Ann Donkers

August 23, 1973

This prophecy was on the same page as the personal testimony of Ann Donkers published previously.
As a committed Christian, these words are timeless, and are an encouragement to us all to continue in the battle for the hearts and souls of ourselves, our loved ones, and indeed the whole world:
My children, I love you, may all of you know
Where My Spirit is teaching, I want you to go.
My people are searching, look around you and see,
Give them your love and lead them to me.

Finish the task that you have begun,
And I will be with you until it is done.
My Spirit is sweeping across this earth,
To save more lives and bring them to birth.

I pour out my presence and strongly desire,
To fill every heart with the Spirit of fire.
My children, see the miracles, the wonder and sign
Of power that is truly mine.

Give glory and honour and praise unto me
Until we have won my Victory!

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