Friday, February 9, 2018


2018-02-08                                                                                INRI

I have a Divine Strategy for My Militant Church, but there is a complacency among you My people, many are content thinking themselves good, holy people, but by what standards.

By the world’s standards, you feel quite above the maddening crowds, but do not compare yourselves to anyone else but to Me in your quest for holiness.

Have I not said be holy as your Heavenly Father is holy, your Father is the King, should your standards as His child not be what should please Him?

In light of this, you have been given the gift of the Sacraments, each is a plateau, a resting place that enables you to rise ever higher.

I must be clear about this, I am a real person, granted that you cannot now see Me, yet I patiently await you at all times, everywhere to communicate with Me, especially am I present in the Holy Eucharist.

Speak with Me, even just sit in My presence quietly, gazing at each other, you will receive graces for the world, your family and community, I will instruct your spirit in the Divine Nature of Love and Forgiveness.

All that is visible in your world is fleeting and will not last, do not fret over anything temporary, concern yourself with those things that are true and which are known by faith.

Lift your thoughts constantly to God and that which concerns Him, thus the graces that you will be receiving will no longer fall by the wayside from being unused.

You have already entered eternal life, not yet in the palace of the King, but nonetheless you are His child who is making his way home, focus on praising and thanking God.

When your life is centered on a worldly life, one finds that he is miserable, seeking comforts and temporary pleasures that do not satisfy, you operate outside of God’s Will and ultimately your plans fail and emotions flair.

Decide now to have a daily routine of meaningful prayer with Me, and I will invest many graces in order to give you the victory you seek for holiness, prayer will be our powerful weapon of grace for arelationship in the Divine Strategy.

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