Thursday, February 15, 2018


2018-02-15                                                                                   INRI

Will you come to Me for a little while, consoling Me in the Garden of Gethsemane, I am there alone praying to the Father and He sends Me an Angel to strengthen Me.

My Apostles are weary from the events and deep emotions of the day, I have just instituted the Holy Eucharist and told them that they must eat My Body and drink My Blood, transforming the simple bread and wine which was before them at their Passover meal.

They are confused, yet remain with Me as we enter the garden, I told them that unless they would eat My Body and drink My Blood, that they would not enter into the Kingdom of God.

I leave them to pray, that they would not enter into the temptation, but they are asleep, I come back to rouse them, but again they fall asleep, unaware of the coming soldiers lead by Judas.

They are unaware of the fear that will grip them as they see Me being taken away, and they flee for their lives.

But you My child, you have been feeding on My Body and Blood for some time now, remain with Me now, and I will empower you to surrender yourself completely, as I had always surrendered all to the Will of My Father.

At the Passover meal I created the Priesthood, where My chosen sons would, in My Name, transform the bread and wine into My Body and Blood, in order that nations would be continually fed.

Pray and intercede for Priests, never should you criticize them nor belittle them in their human frailty.

Do not do the work of the evil one by broadcasting any scandal against them, pray instead for their holiness, for they endure many hardships and attacks repeatedly.

When you spend time with Me, you are able to bring My Light into a darkened world that does not come to Me, among My little children, I place the seed of faith for vocations, thus the flame will not be extinguished.

Desire to possess a deeper faith, oh, how readily I answer such a prayer, I am the One Who will deepen your faith and do much more, keep asking for more love and trust, more virtue.

In this hour I am asking the Father if He Will let this cup pass from Me, but quickly add, let it not be My Will but Thine be done, should you not also ask likewise to be relieved of your present sufferings and trials, or for healing and certain needs to be met.

Yet, in the same manner you should add that you are abandoning your whole self to the Father’s Will, I am here always to accomplish whatever is happening in your life along with you.

Worry does not come from Me, dismiss it from your mind and heart, say to Me sentiments of trust and confidence, over and over until peace reigns there, for I am the Prince of Peace.

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