Thursday, March 8, 2018


2018-03-08                                                              INRI

I the Lord will do My best work in times of trouble and so, you will grow in faith and trust, believe in My Words, I have overcome the world.

The power of the wicked comes from the weakness of the good, who give too much credence to the words and works of Satan and his demons, after all he is the father of lies.

Wait on the Lord, patiently and with the necessary confidence, then in the light of the expected victory, you will see all that I have planned for your good.

Lack of faith holds you back from doing miracles in My Name, launch out into deeper water, and see the Glory of God revealed.

Child, you are afraid to even step into the water, yet you expect that I will part the sea for you, I do not bless unbelief, nonetheless, My Love never fails, I am patient with you.

Say to Me, Lord I must have Your Love living in me, and in this Love, I will be able to see Your Divinity in others, for I am blind to the goodness in my neighbour.

You have known My Fidelity towards you, My Faithfulness and Loyalty, though I may test you at timesknow that I cannot deceive nor be deceived.

As definite as the day of your conversion came, you must now decide to give yourself totally to Me, I want to make you whole, I want to make you holy.

Whether you live or die should be of no consequence to you, for you must offer to Me your whole self without reserve, I have given to you My Spirit and all the help to make this possible, it is My Will and decree.

Humility is knowing that you cannot do this alone, not without Me accomplishing this very thing that I have proposed, the very purpose of your life and it is My longing to see it completed.

You were created out of love, you are Mine and together we will bring to the world the promised peace, My return is imminent, do not fear anything but walk in the world with courage and ability to bring into existence My Kingdom on earth.

I came first in humility and the gentleness of a child, but this time I am coming in great Power and Authority, that no one will be able to rival, for there shall no longer be confusion as to Who I am.

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